Home Security

  • RM179.00RM209.00

    When the door/window is detected open, the LifeSmart CUBE Door/Window Sensor will send a notification to your Life Smart App. It can also be used to monitor other smart devices, such as taking a picture of whoever enters your home with your Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera. A vibration sensor is built into the unit. You will be informed immediately if anyone attempts to break in

  • RM179.00RM209.00

    The CUBE Motion Sensor from LifeSmart detects movement using PIR induction technology. Once the movement is detected, a notification will be sent to your smartphone or tablet via the LifeSmart App. If you walk into a dark space, a light can be switched on automatically. When linked to the LifeSmart Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera, it can be set as a trigger for getting snapshots of your home on your smartphone or tablet.

  • RM279.00RM319.00

    A narrow design opening contact, applicable for any windows or doors you want. The built-in temperature sensor could make users aware of room environment.It will send alarm notifications to you via LifeSmart when someone intrudes illegally. And the DEFED Siren worked in the alarm system will produce sound alarm to deter the intruder.

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    DEFED Indoor siren is the sound notified of the alarm system. When there is an alarm message is triggered, a loud notification will be produced by this equipment. The sound is up to 109 decibels.

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    DEFED Key Fob is a remote control device for the DEFED alarm system that is portable to set up scenarios freely.With the indicator feedback mechanism, you can accurately get to know the execution of the current instructions.


  • RM279.00RM319.00

    DEFED Motion Sensor supports an ultra-long dynamic sensing range of up to 12 meters, displaying the current sensing state with its dual-color LED indicator

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    Indoor Camera 1080p

    With LifeSmart’s intelligent indoor camera with motion detection, you can focus on what counts while avoiding distracting false alarms. This camera is both a home furnishings and an advanced indoor camera, and it has a cute shape. Real-time live view, pan and tilt, two-way chat, video recording, moving tracking, and contact with other smart devices are among the features it can support.

  • RM299.00RM329.00

    Safety alarming, doorbell, network radio, remote control, intelligent linkage, and AI management are all included in the Smart Mini Station. It creates a smart home system by connecting all smart devices.

  • RM459.00RM534.00

    Outdoor surveillance camera with HD wide-angle lens mounted outside for real-time monitoring of the situation outside the home. The motion snapshot is saved in the Outdoor Camera’s local storage. It is ideal for operating in a dynamic setting due to its corrosion-resistant metal material and strict waterproof technology.

  • RM269.00

    To detect a water leak, the LifeSmart Water Leak Sensor employs an ultra-low power processor and a high-reliability probe. When a water leak occurs, the Smart Station sends a warning alert to the mobile phone using advanced wireless communication technology. It can be used to secure your property in the kitchen, warehouse, and other places.

  • RM4,499.00RM4,699.00

    The 3D face recognition automatic video lock X100 puts product safety, user experience and quality first. It is a door lock that supports 9 unlocking methods include face recognition, fingerprint, password, NFC and mechanical key.